Sally Chew

I still remembered my 1st visit in 2020 when incontinence issues are still not much talked about among mummies and Cheryl Han explained how her machines can help me. 

1 year later, I decided to try it out! Cheryl, Clarissa, Filzah and the team took great care of my well being and provided insights on how to further improve my postpartum issues. I am glad that I took up their advice and the treatments are carried out effectively in super cozy private rooms for the privileged us. Often you will hear laughter and jokes across the rooms during the treatments because you have a bunch of dedicated and fun team to work on us and make our day! 

These treatments worked and we should have more self-love and care so we can continue to excel in our roles in both family and work life.Thank you ladies, you are the best! 🥰🥰

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