Minji Han

I chanced upon Orchard Clinic and went for their assessment. My consultants Filzah and Cheryl were very patient in explaining my conditions and the appropriate treatment plans.
After 12 sessions of Embody, my DR gap has reduced from 3.8cm to 2.2cm. Not only that, my incontinence has improved tremendously. Thanks to the Emsella chair!

I strongly recommend Orchard Clinic for mothers to check their DR and incontinence. They do not hardsell but advise and work with you on the treatments you would need. The price may be high but you will definitely see results!
Their service is great too! Filzah makes every visit comfortable and she is attentive to my needs. In fact, all the consultants (Yvonne, Grace, Sakinah, Shonia) are very friendly and attentive too 🙂
Thank you!!!!

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