Inez Wijaya

Chanced upon mummy influencers on Instagram sharing about Orchard Clinic and decided to give the treatment a try.

The experience at Orchard Clinic Kembangan from the first assessment to the treatments is comfortable and reassuring. Appointments are a breeze to make.

The first treatment relieved me from the dull and excruciating tailbone ache that plagued me for more than a year and I’m so glad I could finally sit on hard surfaces like the floor or MRT seat. I no longer have severe constipation or get bedridden during periods.

Shannon is very professional and detailed in her explanation during the assessment. Treatments are relaxing and effective. My DR started off at completely open with slight protrusion at 4.5cm and it has reduced to 3cm at the navel within 4 sessions!

I strongly recommend Orchard Clinic to mummies who are looking at proven non-surgical methods for post partum issues. If you have a lower backache coupled with tailbone pain that never seemed to go away, do get assessed for diastasis recti. Please don’t suffer in silence.

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