Clarissa Ling

I’m a first time mum who had no idea what my body was settling into post birth. My gynae recommended that I get my diastasis recti checked out, which led me to seeking help from Orchard Clinic. The staffs in Orchard Clinic were very welcoming and helpful. Clarissa was very detailed in diagnosing my problem areas, and it was really easy to understand when she explained the changes my body went through and what the treatments can do to help me. I was assured that every session was comfortable and painless. Other than the HIFEM therapy to build my core muscles, I also underwent shockwave therapy for my skin laxity and cellulite (I had a pretty big baby and that stretched my skin massively). The treatments were proven useful when I could even see and feel the improvement after the first session. I would highly recommend mummies who suspect that they have DRA to book a consultation with Orchard Clinic, the problem will not ‘go away’ on its own, it’s good to seek help! 🙂

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