Audrey Chan

After having 2 back to back pregnancies, my tummy became flabbier even when I do HIIT workouts weekly. Even at 20 months postpartum, I felt like I had some difficulties in controlling / holding my pee, esp when I’m really urgent! Until I came across some influencers’ advertisements via social media platforms on DR, decided to walk in to get myself checked. My consultant Filzah, did the examinations for me and true enough I had pretty severe incontinence and also a 3.9cm DR length! Filzah was really reassuring and helpful and went on to explain to me in details on how the treatments could help in my recovery and what type of exercises I should really avoid right now.

I’m currently at my 4th treatment week and my DR is at 2.5cm now (no more DR!) and I can start doing my core exercises now! The treatment for my incontinence is really awesome as well! The treatments really worked! Thank you to the team @ Orchard Clinic and a special shout-out to my consultant Filzah! Her sincerity and reassurance is what I really like!

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