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Leading centre in Singapore for women’s wellness
Results proven
Safe and painless
Private & exclusive environment
Performed by female therapists

All trials come with

Orchard Clinic’s PELVA® assessment and assisted Kegel
Diastasis Recti assessment
Therapy service


Address Mummy Tummy & Uncontrollable Urinary Leakage

Safe & Effective Recovery with Fast Visible Results
Pelvic Muscle Strengthening
Slim and Shape

Diastasis Recti

(Mummy Tummy)

BTL’s Embody HIFEM technology with proven results
Expert professionals with a focus on core strength

Say goodbye to abdominal separation and hello to a revitalized, toned midsection.

Our specialized treatments, tailored for Diastasis Recti, focus on strengthening the core muscles, closing the gap, and restoring abdominal integrity. Experience the expertise of our professionals, dedicated to guiding you through a safe and effective journey to a more functional and confident you.

S$68 (usual S$300)

Urinary Incontinence

(Uncontrollable Urine Leakage)

Expert professionals dedicated to your comfort
BTL’s Emsella HIFEM technology with proven results

The struggle with incontinence extends beyond the inconvenience, affecting confidence, social activities, and overall well-being. It’s time to address the issue at its core and explore effective solutions that provide lasting relief.

Don’t let incontinence control your life. We can help you with uncontrollable urine leakage with our latest technology, without the need for surgery.

S$68 (usual S$300)

Vaginal Health

(Tightening & Hydration)

Confidential and personalised care
BTL Exilis technology for effective results
Discreet, non-surgical procedures

Discover a renewed sense of confidence with our Vaginal Tightening Services! Embrace intimacy with a treatment designed to enhance tightness and rejuvenate your most intimate areas.

We prioritize your comfort and well-being, offering discreet solutions to address concerns such as laxity and sensitivity.

S$288 (usual S$600)

Body Tone & Tight

BTL Embody technology for effective body sculpting
Proven techniques to tighten and tone
Non-surgical, pain-free procedures

Transform your body and sculpt the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of with our Body Toning and Tightening Services!

Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to tighten and tone, targeting specific areas to enhance muscle definition and reduce unwanted cellulite. No downtime, no sweat using advanced treatment technology.

S$68 (usual S$300)

Skin Tightening

BTL Exilis technology for effective skin tightening
Proven techniques to tighten and tone
Non-surgical, pain-free procedures

Unveil a radiant and youthful you with our Exilis Skin Tightening Services! Say goodbye to sagging skin and embrace a firmer, more lifted appearance. Our expert therapists use the latest technology to stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Reignite your confidence and unveil a more toned, tightened visage!

S$68 (usual S$300)

Fat Freeze

Personalised plans for your unique body shape
Non-invasive, pain-free procedures

Embark on a journey to your best self with our Female Body Slimming Services! Rediscover your curves and embrace the confidence that comes with a toned, slimmer silhouette.

Our tailored treatments target stubborn areas, helping you achieve your body goals effectively and non-invasively. Reclaim your confidence and reveal the slimmer you!

S$48 (usual S$600)

*Trial price is valid from July to September 2024

Easy monthly payments

AMEX, DBS, POSB and OCBC credit card holders can enjoy 0% interest instalment for periods up to 6 or 12 months (not including DBS Amex).

UOB credit card holders enjoy 0% interest instalment for 3, 6, 12 months.

Atome 0% interest instalments are available for 3 months (generally with a spending limit of $1,000 for debit card users and $3,000 for credit card users).


Am I suitable for treatment?

Clients who have metal implants such as copper IUDs, may not be suitable for our tummy toning and auto kegel treatments. However, you can still undergo the assessment to explore potential treatment options.

Must I undergo an assessment before trying the Vaginal Rejuvenation/ Tone and Tight trial?

While it is optional to undergo the complete comprehensive body assessment before delving into our transformative vaginal rejuvenation and tummy toning trials, we highly recommend considering it. Opting for the assessment provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your own health, enabling you to have a holistic and informed perspective.

What if I want to continue treatments after the trial?

We are always delighted to welcome you into our wellness family! Simply approach your consultant after your trial and we’ll be more than happy to discuss further treatment options tailored to your unique needs. It’s important to note, however, that our clinic reserves the right to decline treatment if, after careful consideration, it is deemed unsuitable for your individual circumstances.

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Discovering the right path to wellness should be a gentle and reassuring process. At Orchard Clinic, we ensure our fees and prices are fully transparent to ensure a comfortable journey with us.

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The Orchard Clinic Guarantee

As the leading therapy centre in Singapore for diastasis recti and incontinence solutions, we are confident in helping you regain your confidence. During your assessment and trial experience, check in with our consultants about our warranty that guarantees a 100% improvement rate.


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