Tone & Tight your abdomen, thighs or glutes with effective & non-invasive therapy

Trial Session Includes:

Comprehensive Personalised Assessment
Therapy using Shockwave and EMBODY HIFEM technology


Looking to tone up and tighten your body?

Orchard Clinic’s Tone & Tight program helps to tone your muscles and smoothen your skin – it’s equivalent to over 80 gym sessions combined with a tech-enabled deep tissue and skin firming treatment. Supercharge your body with a Toned & Tight tummy or achieve long and lean legs. This treatment tones the muscles and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks – and can be used for the tummy or thighs. Even if you are a fitness enthusiast, our program can help you boost your efforts.

Stubborn fats and finding it tough to build muscle?

Helps with quicker fat reduction

HIFEM technology targets the subcutaneous layers of fats by stimulating muscle contractions and provides a solid cardio workout without you breaking a sweat – it’s equivalent to 80 work outs in 30 minutes. Fat cells get eliminated, and muscle tone improves!

Build muscle mass faster

If your muscles are starting to get accustomed to your workouts, changing up your routine and challenging your muscles differently goes a long way. Our HIFEM machines help to add another dimension to your workouts.

Skin in the game

Cellulite and stretch marks are a common issue we see, especially with clients on a weight loss journey. Our shockwave sessions uses non-invasive technology to stimulate and increase collagen production to smoothen your skin and maintain it’s elasticity and firmness.

Is it safe?

FDA approved technology

At Orchard Clinic we only use the best in class technology. Our machines are all FDA approved and is safe and effective for body toning and skin smoothening.


These toning and firming treatments are non-invasive and have minimal to zero down-time.

Experienced and trained consultants

Our team is experienced and goes through stringent training in order to service clients and is held to the highest standards of service. We also ensure that our consultants are constantly updated on the latest techniques so our clients benefit from the most effective and optimal options.

**Please note that this programme is unsuitable for you if you have any sort of metal implants in your body such as copper IUDs and if you are pregnant.


As a mom of 2, my body went through alot of unattractive changes that made me feel insecure most of the time. My primary concern was my “mommy tummy” which i thought i could resolve by my regular exercise. I came across Orchard clinic while browsing online and book myself in for a consult, there i met Yvonne. She was very warm and helpful from day 1 of my visit. She explained very clearly my condition and lay down ways for me to recover. It was very educating at the same fascinating that what i have is something that is very common for moms to experience post partum.


I had quite a lot of stretch marks after my pregnancy and tried different types of creams but it was not improving significantly. My friend had recommended Orchard clinic’s treatments and I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of their shockwave treatment for stretch marks. After one session, the marks lightened a lot and after a couple of sessions, it was almost not apparent anymore. Having experienced it for myself, the treatments at OC are highly recommended as I do feel that the advancement in technology does help to speed up the healing process of postpartum issues.

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    Orchard Clinic is a new treatment concept offering a unique method that provides high-quality conservative solutions for women’s body from pre & post pregnancy to pre & post menopause.

    As a specialised treatment centre for women, we assess, prevent and treat common conditions such as incontinence, pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and vaginal laxity.

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