Address Diastasis Recti (Mummy Tummy) with effective & non-invasive therapy

Trial Session Includes:

Comprehensive Personalised Assessment
Therapy using EMBODY HIFEM technology

What are the results?

Reduced separation of abdominal muscles 

Reduced waist circumference

Improved core strength

Reduced lower back pain

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    Leading Centre for Diastasis Recti in Singapore

    We focus on long-lasting results by addressing the root cause – strengthening and stabilising the deep muscles using the latest FDA approved technology.

    • Muscle: Strengthening of the deep core muscles
    • Tissue: Regeneration of the connective tissue to close up the gap
    • Skin: Remodelling of the collagen network to strengthen the skin layer

    Visible Results

    Safe & Non-invasive

    No Downtime

    Warranty Enabled

    100% Improvement Rate,
    98% Success Rate

    Check in with our consultants about our warranty during your assessment and trial experience.

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    Why couldn’t I get my tummy back after pregnancy?

    Diastasis Recti is a deeper muscular issue where the abdominal muscles are split apart. This often causes a persistent bulge that can hardly be slimmed down with exercising and weight loss solutions.

    Common symptoms of Diastasis Recti:

    • A visible and persistent bulge or dome at the abdomen
    • Lower back pain & weak core muscles
    • Pelvic floor weakness & incontinence
    • Bloating in the tummy
    • Loose & saggy skin
    • Umbilical hernia (belly button pops outwards)

    Most women mistaken their post pregnancy tummy as belly fat when they were actually a condition known as Diastasis Recti. This was the reason why slimming and exercising didn’t help them get back their pre pregnancy tummy, and it some cases, they got worse.

    Excellent Track Record

    Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

    “I’m glad I found out the real reason why I couldn’t get rid of my tummy and now I’m getting back to my active lifestyle”

    Winnie, a mother of two and accomplished businesswoman, underwent a transformative post-partum experience at Orchard Clinic. She extends an invitation to join her on a mission of women’s empowerment, where Orchard Clinic’s effective methods align with her unwavering belief in women’s post-partum recovery.


    Can it go away on its own?

    In many cases, DRA can naturally go away on its own approximately 8 weeks following childbirth. However, if symptoms continue to persist, they are unlikely to go away on their own, and will require intervention.

    How do I address a DRA?

    To address DRA, the core team of muscles must be retrained to their optimal lines of performance through HIFEM technology and various exercises, allowing the body to regain its healthy coordination.

    Can I prevent DRA?

    To prevent DRA, recti muscles must be stabilised and strengthened early through customised strengthening exercises early in pregnancy, avoiding further debilitation and development of DRA.

    What exercises should I avoid if I have Diastasis Recti?

    The transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) is the deepest abdominal layer and can be imagined as the body’s internal corset. A strong TVA pulls the rectus abdominis together and is critical to DRA recovery.

    Until the stretched soft tissues heal, working the other three muscles should be secondary to the TVA. As such, avoid straining these abdominal muscles as it will continue to pull the muscles apart at the centre.

    These include actions such as:

    • Heavy lifting
    • Constipation
    • Oblique and straight crunches
    • Sit ups
    • Leg lowering exercises
    • Plank-type position

    A Diastasis Recti could range in severity depending on the width, depth and how large the separation is. A physical assessment is recommended for a thorough understanding of each case.

    Orchard Clinic is a new treatment concept offering a unique method that provides high-quality conservative solutions for women’s body from pre & post pregnancy to pre & post menopause.

    As a specialised treatment centre for women, we assess, prevent and treat common conditions such as incontinence, pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation (diastasis recti) and vaginal laxity.

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