Orchard Clinic is a specialised centre for postpartum conditions. We offer the highest intensity of conservative treatment for common conditions such as Incontinence, Diastasis Recti (abdominal split) and Vaginal Dryness & Laxity.

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Pelvic Floor & Incontinence

Treat incontinence and pelvic floor issues with electromagnetic therapy.

Diastasis Recti

Electromagnetic therapy to strengthen your abdominal muscles and close the gap.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

8 minute procedure to restore feminine health and improve intimacy.

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Orchard Clinic is a new treatment concept offering a unique method that provides high-quality conservative solutions for women’s postpartum body recovery.

As a postpartum assessment centre, we offer a full assessment for common conditions after childbirth.


302 Orchard Road
Tong Building #06-03
Singapore 238862

Tel: 65 6235 4560
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18 Jalan Masjid
Kembangan Plaza, #B1-07
Singapore 418944

Tel: 65 6741 8911
Orchard Clinic Logo: Chat with us

Bukit Timah
Coming soon in 2022

Tel: 65 6235 4560

E: method@orchardclinic.com

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday9am to 6pm
Tuesday & Thursday9am to 8pm
Sunday & Public HolidaysClosed

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