Our Diastasis Recti Treatment

Orchard Clinic uses electromagnetic therapy to close up the gap in the midline of the abdomen. This is done with the support of a soft cotton bind to hold the abdomen in place while activating the side oblique muscles. Depending on the individual’s condition, physical therapy may be recommended.

A Typical Session

1. Consultation

Consultation at Orchard Clinic

Have a chat with our consultants who are well trained to ensure the best comfort.

2. Treat Diastasis Recti with electromagnetic therapy

Shockwave for Postpatrum

A soft bind combined with contraction of the side abdominals to close up the widening gap.

3. Personalised Physical Therapy

Cheryl teaching kegel exercises

A private one-to-one session where you’ll learn daily physical exercises.


A strong and well-functioning abdominal core is important towards building good posture and reducing back and hip pain.  Diastasis Recti can usually heal without surgery. However, poor movement mechanics and exercising can delay healing or further aggravate the condition.

Your consultant will assess your current condition to advise if you are suitable for treatment. In cases where the separation is too large, you may have to wait for the gap to heal slightly before proceeding for treatment.

Machine Therapy

We employ the use of electromagnetic therapy to close up the gap, along with the support of a soft cotton bind to ensure there is no further widening of the gap. Electromagnetic therapy activates muscle contractions of the side oblique muscle groups.

Phyiscal Therapy

Physical exercises with Diastasis Recti needs to be done carefully with proper guidance. Our consultants will assess if you are suitable for treatment. In cases where the gap in the midline of the abdominals is too wide, physical exercises will not be done to further aggravate the condition.


When is a good time for treatment?

It’s never too late to start treatment. However we would recommend starting treatment soon after childbirth to avoid further worsening of the condition.

What are some effects I can expect from treatment?

Results are individual as genetics and hormones affect the quality of fascia and its elasticity. Those who see good response of their fascial tissue to conservative treatment will stand a good chance of regenerating fascia to resolve Diastasis Recti.  Better results will be ensured with compliance in treatment and body movement mechanics and breathing techniques.

Are there other treatment options?

In cases where the condition is severe, surgery is an option to close up the abdomen and repair Diastasis Recti, also known as a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty.

Orchard Clinic focuses on non-surgical treatments that are non-invasive, and is a good consideration before deciding on surgery.

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