Filzah Suhaime

Sally Chew

I still remembered my 1st visit in 2020 when incontinence issues are still not much talked about among mummies and Cheryl Han explained how her machines can help me.  1 year later, I decided to try it out! Cheryl, Clarissa, Filzah and the team took great care of my well being and provided insights on …

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Sharon Ong

I started DR treatment with Orchard Clinic at Kembangan 2 months ago with a 7cm gap. Currently an improvement of 1.5cm and treatments are still ongoing. Other than DR improvement, I’m also seeing improvement of my stretch marks and smaller mummy tummy. A big thank you to Filzah and Shannon for taking care of me …

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Rosemarie Deng

I had severe DR at 5cm and serious bloatedness when I first consulted Orchard clinic. My stomach was “bulging” and the bump never goes away even though I was already almost 1 year postpartum. Now, DR closes to 3cm and I no longer feel bloated; bump becomes so much smaller! Thanks to my consultant, Filzah …

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I was 4 months postpartum when i visited Orchard Clinic.My consultant Filzah did a very good explanation & I was pretty sold to join them in getting my DR treatment done. My DR gap was measured at 3.5cm on day 1. Though the price is a little on the high side, i did not regret …

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Minji Han

I chanced upon Orchard Clinic and went for their assessment. My consultants Filzah and Cheryl were very patient in explaining my conditions and the appropriate treatment plans.After 12 sessions of Embody, my DR gap has reduced from 3.8cm to 2.2cm. Not only that, my incontinence has improved tremendously. Thanks to the Emsella chair! I strongly …

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Madeline Wee

After pregnancy, my core feels weak and I have this lower back pain when I change from a sitting to standing position. I googled and found this clinic and decided to give it a try. My DR has improved to 1.5cm gap, my core feels stronger and my lower back pain has magically disappeared. I’m …

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Joyce Tan

My DR closed from 3.8 to 2cm today all thanks to Filzah, Cheryl and the team at Orchard Clinic. Treatments are customisable, quick and fuss free in a comfortable environment. Highly recommended! ❤️

Elizabeth White

I came to Orchard clinic 10 months after delivering a 4.8kg baby. My DR did not go away on its own like I ignorantly thought it would and made my core protrude out, but also made me feel very unsupported in everyday activities. Filzah helped get me from 3.7cm down to 2cm, effectively remedying my …

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Huimin Kay

I was at 28 months postpartum when I experienced severe inconvenience which prompted me to get things checked out. My husband came across Orchard clinic while researching, and we came for an assessment.My assessment was done by Filzah, who made me feel at ease throughout. She is helpful with the explanations and have advised on …

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My consultant Filzah was very professional, patient and made me feel comfortable in every session that I had with her. I’m so happy my DR gap closed from 3.2cm to 1cm! Also, the shock wave treatment was super effective at getting rid of my lower tummy fats! Highly recommend mummies to get themselves checked out …

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