Vulva & Vaginal

What is Vulva & Vaginal Laxity?

As women age, relaxing of the vaginal wall can lead to Vulva & Vaginal Laxity or Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) which is aggravated by childbirth and hormonal changes with pregnancy and menopause that leads to vaginal atrophy.

Just as skin gradually loses moisture and elasticity, so does the vaginal wall and mucosa. The skin of the Vulva, or the external female genital area, can be quite sensitive. Because it is moist and frequently subject to friction while sitting and moving, this area can be easily injured.

Causes of Vulva & Vaginal Laxity

This condition often manifests in women from the ages of 30-40, primarily due to childbirth or weight gain and continues to affect the mucosal lining of the vagina. The vagina gradually changes from being an organ with a strong, thick, moist mucosal lining to one with a thin, frail and dry mucosal lining which is increasingly unable to regenerate new collagen fibres.

Common causes include:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth requires the vagina to stretch during the course of delivery.
  • Menopause, hormonal changes and variations in weight gain are factors which impact on all of a woman’s organs and systems.


Vulva & Vaginal Laxity can lead to a number of issues such as urinary incontinence, skin conditions and poor sexual satisfaction. Symptoms include:

  • Chronic vaginal itching and redness
  • Poor intimate satisfaction
  • Visible difference in the vulva area
  • Incontinence

Prevention & Treatment

Treatment for Vaginal Laxity ranges from conservative approaches to surgical procedures. For non-invasive treatments, Kegel exercises or more effective pelvic floor strengthening with HIFEM technology can tighten up relaxed muscles.

Surgical procedures may provide lasting final results, however it has to be balanced against longer downtime recovery and the greater risks involved in any surgery performed on the highly sensitive vaginal tissues.

Orchard Clinic’s treatments are non-surgical with no medication and no downtime for the tightening of the vulva and vaginal tissues.

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Discovering the right path to wellness should be a gentle and reassuring process. At Orchard Clinic, we ensure our fees and prices are fully transparent to ensure a comfortable journey with us.

FAQ about Vulva & Vaginal Laxity

Is it painful or uncomfortable?

Not at all. Our treatment is completely safe and done by a professional trained female.

Who is suitable for treatment?

Women across all ages are suitable, but there are certain contraindications such as metal implants, which can be assessed during the first consultation.

How many sessions are required?

While results can be seen in one session, at least 3-4 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

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