Verlyn Khoo

Today is my 8th session and received good news! I had severe DR, with 5cm gap and today I was told that the gap is now 3.5cm. Consultant Ye Hwee told me that my body is reacting well to the treatment. I personally felt that too especially on my loose skin. My main consultant is …

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Valerie He

Able to see results in just 4 sessions for my severe Diastasis Recti problem. Consultants at Kembangan outlet are hospitable, not pushy with their treatment package and I feel comfortable throughout my visit. Special thanks to my consultant, Janna for the professional advice, encouragement words and patience towards me when I asked her questions. Looking …

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Sally Chew

I still remembered my 1st visit in 2020 when incontinence issues are still not much talked about among mummies and Cheryl Han explained how her machines can help me.  1 year later, I decided to try it out! Cheryl, Clarissa, Filzah and the team took great care of my well being and provided insights on …

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Sharon Ong

I started DR treatment with Orchard Clinic at Kembangan 2 months ago with a 7cm gap. Currently an improvement of 1.5cm and treatments are still ongoing. Other than DR improvement, I’m also seeing improvement of my stretch marks and smaller mummy tummy. A big thank you to Filzah and Shannon for taking care of me …

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Sherlyn Ann Lee

My DR gap close up from 4cm to 1.7cm within 10weeks (19 sessions). My backaches are all gone and the skin around my tummy area improves significantly after 8 sessions of Shockwave & Exilis. Bonus was the 4kg of weight lost in the first few weeks.✌️ I would have to thank Clarissa who made all …

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Reena N

I had read online and found out about Diastasis Recti (DR). I assessed myself and realized I had it myself but had no clue on how I can resolve it. I was disturbed with the persistent mommy tummy and the backaches that accompanied. That’s when I chanced upon Orchard Clinic on Instagram. My first consultation …

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Nurlaila Rashid

I came across an advertisement on Facebook about DR and how Orchard Clinic can help with treatments for lower back pain. I did not know I was having this condition until I came for an assessment.I started my journey in April with a Diastasis Recti at 4.5cm. After less than 10 sessions, it is now …

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Natalie Tan

Felt very comfortable when I had my first consultant with Shannon and Ye Hwee. They were thorough in their assessment and I was sold to try out the different treatments that they have recommended for me. I feel very relaxed during each session, all the staff are very friendly and observant. Will definitely recommend this …

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Lenny Djohari

Thank you to Shannon and Ye Hwee for making each visit so comfortable and for being encouraging always. I am seeing good results and am please with it.

Inez Wijaya

Chanced upon mummy influencers on Instagram sharing about Orchard Clinic and decided to give the treatment a try. The experience at Orchard Clinic Kembangan from the first assessment to the treatments is comfortable and reassuring. Appointments are a breeze to make. The first treatment relieved me from the dull and excruciating tailbone ache that plagued …

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