This mother’s day, we celebrate the journey from pregnancy to menopause

This Mother’s Day, our community of mummies are helping to raise the awareness of postpartum care through their own personal journey. These mummies brave themselves to share about their journey treating their diastasis recti.

Joyce Yeo, Age 69, Mother of two

Miss Goh, Age 29, Mother of one

Valene Neoh, Age 39, Mother of two

Sharon Chan, Age 34, Mother of three

Pang Xiu Hui, Age 35, Mother of two

Viviana Chng, Age 44, Mother of four

Incontinence is common after childbirth but commonly unspoken about. We applaud these mummies for coming forward to share their personal experience – and to help more mummies understand their postpartum pelvic floor better.

Chew Chew, 44, Mother of 2

Iris Chan, Age 65, Mother of 2

Bernice Teo, 45

Pregnancy is a beautiful process and one that takes a huge toll on the female body. Whether it is the first or a subsequent pregnancy, ensuring your body is strong and healthy will support a stronger pregnancy and prevent common postpartum conditions.

Start with your first assessment

Your journey with Orchard Clinic starts with an initial assessment. A detailed body check will be done by female-only consultants to determine if treatment is required and suitable for you.

Our friendly consultants will inform you if treatment may or may not proceed and kindly note that we reserve the right to refuse treatment if it is deemed unsuitable.

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