Orchard Clinic
x The Bub Fair 2022

Meet Orchard Clinic at The Bub Fair, Singapore’s finest baby fair.

Be inspired by mummies who are navigating bodily changes and regaining strength after giving birth. We’re excited to walk you through a journey of self-discovery and help you be a healthier and more confident mum!

Admission to The Bub Fair is free, but registration is required.

5 Reasons to Visit Us at The Bub Fair in 2022

Pre-book your slot

Understand more about pelvic floor and diastasis recti conditions and how treatments have evolved over time. Witness how many mummies have overcome their postpartum bodily changes over the years.

For the first time, we’re bringing our pelvic floor treatment experience outside of our clinic space – to The Bub Fair. Limited slots are available.

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We’re all about supporting other women and if you’re already a member of Orchard Clinic, here’s an open invitation to invite a friend to our showcase at The Bub Fair.

You and your friend enjoy priority access to our showcase. RSVP with Orchard Clinic to let us know you’re coming 🙂

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Invite a friend

    Pre-book your slot