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Baby Blues

Stage actress, dancer, and singer, Ateeqah Mazlan, gets candid about the reality of pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. An advocate of mental wellbeing, she doesn’t shy from topics that most people hide from – difficulties in conceiving, postpartum depression, anxiety, and more.

Ateeqah shares about her journey towards getting pregnant, two failed pregnancies, and the struggles she has had with bodily changes and confidence.

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Join the community of women saying ‘no’ to incontinence and urinary leakage. While postpartum incontinence is common, it shouldn’t be treated as normal

Regaining Core Strength after Pregnancy

Proper core strengthening is important in preparation for and after pregnancy. However, we must focus on engaging the right muscles.

Vulva & Vaginal Repair

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Have you done your postpartum body assessment?

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