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Entrepreneur Cheryl Wee shares her postpartum experience dealing with incontinence and how she found out about pelvic organ prolapse.

A mother of three, Cheryl first came to Orchard Clinic after realising that she had frequent urinary leakages. She shares candidly about her experience in hope to help more mummies.

Gentle Parenting

What is Gentle Parenting? Does it mean no disciplining, scolding and being lenient?

Intimacy after Childbirth

What happens to intimacy after childbirth? How do the husband-and-wife dynamics change after having children? Orchard Clinic discusses with Lian Meiting.


Local radio DJ and personality Lim Peifen shares her breastfeeding journey and shares her message to mums

Baby Blues

Managing postpartum stress is real. Ateeqah Mazlan, actress and mother of 2 shares her experience.

Pregnancy & Feet

How does the feet change during and after pregnancy? Hear more from podiatrist Stephanie Glover.

Organic Food

Is organic baby food really necessary? Gillian Choo is the Co-Founder of Little Blossoms, shares useful tips.
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