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Understanding and Managing Diastasis Recti

Postpartum Diastasis Recti

Pregnancy is a transformative time for women, but the changes in a woman’s body extend beyond the postpartum period. One of the most well-known conditions affecting many women is Diastasis Recti (D.R.), colloquially referred to as a ‘mummy tummy’. This condition is not limited to those who went through childbirth; it can affect women of various ages and backgrounds. With July being Diastasis Recti Awareness Month, it’s essential to understand what D.R. entails and explore ways to manage it.

What is Diastasis Recti?

D.R. is a condition where the abdominal muscles separate at the midline and weaken, causing the protrusion of the belly. This separation occurs when the tissue (linea alba) between the rectus abdominis muscles or better known as the two sides of your “six-pack” — stretches or tears at the central vertical line. While pregnancy is a common cause, it is not the only one. Factors such as rapid weight changes, intense abdominal exercises, and genetics can also contribute to its development.

Recognising the Symptoms

Symptoms of D.R. can vary, but they often include a noticeable bulge in the abdomen, lower back pain, weak core muscles, and pelvic floor dysfunction. Some women may notice their abdominal muscles protruding into a tent-like shape during core exercises like crunches. This doming effect is a clear indication of D.R.

To self-test for D.R.:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Lift your upper body slightly, as if to do a crunch.
  • Use two fingers to gently push down into the centre of your stomach just above your belly button, at your belly button, and just below.
  • If you feel more than two fingers-width of space between your muscles, you likely have D.R.

Do note that the extent of D.R. is gauged by the gap’s width and length, as well as the strength of the surrounding abdominal muscles. If you feel resistance from the muscles when pressing with your fingers, it suggests that some muscle strength is still present.

Effective Management Strategies

Managing D.R. involves a multifaceted approach, focusing on strengthening the core muscles, improving posture, and enhancing overall physical health. Here are some strategies that can help:

Core Strengthening: Engaging in specific exercises like pelvic tilts, abdominal compressions, toe taps, and single leg stretches can strengthen core muscles and reduce the gap.

Mindful Movement: Practices such as Yoga can enhance core stability and flexibility. Complementing these exercises with proper nutrition and regular massage supports overall recovery and well-being.

Supportive Wear: Using an abdominal binder or compression garment can provide support and aid recovery, stabilising the abdominal muscles, especially in the early stages of managing the condition.

Managing Diastasis Recti with Orchard Clinic

D.R. is a condition that many women face, not just those who are postpartum. Therefore, understanding its causes, symptoms, and treatments is crucial for overall well-being. This July let’s shine a light on D.R. and support those affected. At Orchard Clinic, Singapore’s premier wellness centre for women, we offer comprehensive solutions to manage D.R. So, don’t wait — contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more. Begin your path to improved abdominal strength and wellness today.


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