We often call it a Mummy Tummy. Or we confuse it with a fat bulge. The medical term for it is Diastasis Recti. ‘Diastasis’ means separation and ‘Recti’ refers to the rectus abdominis muscles or the Abdominal Muscles.

Diastasis Recti is a condition where the abdominal muscles separate at the midline and weaken. This is very common during pregnancy with up to 70% of women with the condition. Even then, most are not aware about the condition or don’t know how to get rid of it.

Orchard Clinic has a proven approach towards fast and effective recovery. From the women we see, Diastasis Recti is fixed within 6-12 weeks.

The stubborn bulge may not be as stubborn as we think, and the mummy tummy may not always have to be present in all mummies. 

Let’s find out more about Orchard Clinic’s method in this Q&A.

Q: How do I know if I have Diastasis Recti? What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms include back pain, weak core muscles, pelvic floor dysfunction and a stubborn bulge that is often accompanied with loose or saggy skin. 

Q: Is it just vanity or cosmetic? What if I leave it on its own? 

People who have Diastasis Recti often have a higher rate of lower back pain, stress incontinence, increased risk of hernia, postural instability and higher chance of injury due to weak core muscles.

Q: What causes Diastasis Recti?

Pregnancy is the leading cause (but not the only one). Non-pregnancy related Diastasis Recti could happen in women and men who performs any chronic or repetitive pressure on the abdominal wall that forces the abdominal muscles forward. These exercise-induced Diastasis Recti are typically shallow and less severe than in pregnancy-related causes.

In pregnancy, the growing weight of the foetus causes significant intra-abdominal pressure on the rectus abdominis. Coupled with hormonal changes during pregnancy that relaxes the joints and ligaments, a separation of the abdominal muscles may happen.

Q: How does treatment work?

A: We employ advanced medical devices to promote effective muscle recovery and strengthen the abdominal wall to activate the core muscles. Depending on the individual condition, we may recommend combining this with a Pelvic Floor strengthening programme or Floor Work for a more complete programme. 

Q: Is muscle activation the main focus? 

A: We focus on activating the deep muscles first for recovery to strengthen the abdominal wall, and may recommend combining it with skin tightening and cellulite removal treatments to bring the tummy back to its taut texture and shape. 

Q: When can I start treatment?

A: Not everyone is suitable for treatment as there are certain contraindications that needs to be assessed. In general, we would recommend waiting at 2-3 weeks postpartum before the first treatment. The best way is to make an appointment for a screening and our consultants will be able to advise accordingly.

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