Living during these times of COVID-19 is stressful for everyone, and pregnant women in particular are especially anxious about contracting the novel coronavirus. What’s perhaps most worrying is that there are still many unknowns. 

A recent report published on 26 March studied 33 pregnant women in China who were infected with the new coronavirus and found that three of them gave birth to babies with COVID-19. However, the numbers are too small to be conclusive. 

Given the limited data, it is too early to determine if higher rates of adverse outcomes are expected in pregnant women infected with COVID-19. To stay healthy, pregnant women should follow the general public health guidelines. Some tips for pregnant women during these times:

1. Keep the Immune System Strong

Pregnancy suppresses one’s immune system and could render one more susceptible to flu. In addition, the foetus and uterus can start to place pressure on other organs such as the pelvic organs and lungs, which may lead to a higher chance of infection. Keep the immune system strong by observing a healthy and balanced diet and performing light exercises.

2. Continue your Pre-Pregnancy Exercises

While you may not be able to attend prenatal classes, do continue with exercises at home that will help with a smoother delivery and recovery process. Core and Pelvic Floor strengthening will not only aid in labour and delivery, it can help you recover faster after childbirth and prevent conditions that often occur after delivery such as Diastasis Recti and Postpartum Incontinence.

Follow our 6 minute routine for simple but effective exercises you can do to strengthen the pelvic floor and core:

3. Keep the Social Distance but Keep the Family Tight

Social distancing and quarantine orders itself could be a problem for pregnant women – studies have shown that social deprivation is associated with negative postpartum outcomes such as depression. Husbands and families – take this unique opportunity while working from home to be involved and supportive towards the expecting mother.

If you’re looking for somewhere private and safe for your pre-natal exercises, get in touch with us for private one-to-one sessions.

[COVID-19 update]: We’ll be sharing exercises you can do at home to keep yourself active during this circuit breaker period. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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