For the first time ever, Orchard Clinic will be bringing our services out of our clinic space. This weekend, spot our booth at Singapore’s finest baby fair: The Bub Fair (Shine Edition).

Whether or not you’re expecting, postpartum, or approaching menopause, we have something for every woman at this upcoming event. Here are five shining reasons for you to head down and visit us!

1. Learn about pelvic floor and the history of treatments

We have curated our booth to embrace and raise awareness about women’s pelvic floor. Here, we showcase different methods of pelvic floor strengthening, including our signature pelvic floor treatment using HIFEM Technology (Emsella). While you’re at it, don’t miss out on our photoshoot display of mothers who have successfully healed their pelvic floor issues through our method.

2. Meet our all-female & friendly team and enjoy an Emsella trial

Have more questions about the Pelvic Floor? Now is your chance to meet all our consultants and clear all your questions! Did we also mention you will be entitled to a complimentary Emsella trial on us? Limited slots are available though, we recommend doing a pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

3. Receive a medical-grade postpartum girdle for new mothers

Have you just given birth recently? Only at the Bub Fair, we are giving mothers medical-grade binders to manage Diastasis Recti (Mummy Tummy) and their postpartum recoveries. These girdles are exclusive to our clinics, promise the highest quality and are unavailable for sale over the counter. Learn more about them here:

4. Receive a complimentary Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment

Especially for our Orchard Clinic members, we are offering a chance to experience a Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment completely free-of-charge*. The radiofrequency treatment utilises volumetric heating to restore and repair the vaginal tissues. Experience an immediate tightening effect, an improved aesthetic and better intimate health – which are in our clients’ words, not us!

5. We are waiving our consultation fee

Not a member with us yet? We didn’t forget you! Only for these three days, our standard consultation fee ($160.50) will be waived upon the commencement of your treatment plan.

Book Your Slot Now

Our booth has limited vacancies, so register your slot here to avoid disappointment.


Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Rd, Singapore 108935


June 3 – 5, 10am to 7pm


FREE admission with registration

*The Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment ($1,600) will be credited to your account when you refer a non-member to start a treatment plan with us.


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