As Principal Consultant at Orchard Clinic, I see many clients who have lost the sensation of their pelvic floor muscles and are just unable to ‘feel’ or contract these important muscles. Here’s how you can start to locate your pelvic floor muscles:

Step 1: Use a Rolled Towel

Pelvic Floor Exercise Step 1
Step 1: Sit on a rolled towel in between your butt (lengthwise)

Roll a t-shirt, towel or any soft cloth and place it lengthwise in between your butt. This helps to create awareness of the pelvic floor by creating pressure — it’s natural to feel the pressure on the vagina, anus and perineum.

Step 2: Lean Forward Slightly

Pelvic Floor Exercise Step 2
Step 2: Lean forward slightly to relax the abdominals. Prop up your knees if your hips are too tight (optional).

As the pelvic floor muscles are deep muscles and connected closely to the abdominals, there is a tendency to use your belly instead of the pelvic floor. Leaning forward slightly will help to relax the abdominal muscles and isolate the pelvic floor muscles.

Diagram of Pelvic Floor Muscles supporting the bladder
Diagram of Pelvic Floor Location

Step 3: Contract & Count

Next, squeeze the pelvic floor by doing the same action as stopping your urine flow midstream. You’ll feel like you’re squeezing the rolled towel beneath you. Count out loud to ensure you’re not holding your breath or using your abdominals. This helps to isolate the pelvic floor muscles. 

Try to hold each contraction for 5–10 counts initially and slowly increasing the number of repetitions or length of hold.

Still not sure if you’re doing it right? Here are some other options:

Don’t get frustrated if you’re not sure if you’re doing it right — it’s common to find it tough to locate the pelvic floor. But there are viable options out there for you to help:

  1. Using electromagnetic therapy to activate the pelvic floor
  2. Seek a skilled therapist focused on the pelvic floor
  3. Drop us a message here

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